About Me

Hi, friend.

Welcome to my silent corner.

It’s named after my tendency to remain fairly quiet in large groups – incidentally, I’m a Myer-Briggs certified introvert.

Somewhat ironically, I probably make more noise here than I have in any room.


I’m 22 years old and I’m one semester into my three-semester Honours journey, having completed my double degree (Bachelor of Commerce – PR – and Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies – Digital Media) in July 2019. I’m now working on a thesis that aims to navigate the complexities of vulnerable writing about issues such as family violence.

I’m the editor for Chattr and I’ve had writing published on sites including Junkee, The Foundation for Young Australians, 5Why and The Wrangler. A psychic once told me I’ve been a writer in all of my past lives. I think I will be in this one too.

If you’d like to contact me, my social media spaces are plugged in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can email me at cf207@uowmail.edu.au.

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