iControl: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree


Forget falling far from the tree, current IOS software prevents Apple products from falling off the tree. A significant (majority) amount of control is retained by Apple for the use of its products. This presentation will identify the limitations Apple places on its devices for control-purposes in comparison to other products on the market, discuss why control in this environment might be an issue (and why it might not be) and finally link this example to convergent media and McLuhan’s the medium is the message. This prezi will explore the ideas around the level of control with Apple exerts over its consumers.


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Images in Prezi: iTunes App Store Charger Software Steve Jobs

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3 thoughts on “iControl: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

  1. Hey Claire! Thought I would check out your post in the hopes that it would be on the same topic as your comment on mine and I could learn some more. Which I definitely have! I have enjoyed your insight on Android products as I know little about them. Your Prezi was both informative and to the point. However, I think it may have been beneficial to explore more positives and negatives of both products in order to support your conclusion. All in all, fantastic post, thankyou for teaching me about the benefits of Android!

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  2. Thanks Bianca! Great feedback 🙂 I’ll be sure to do some further research – I’m sure there’s a lot out there, it’s such a debated topic these days!


  3. I really love the title of the Prezi, iControl. The title in itself is a good indication to what the presentation is going to be about and I liked that. I also really liked how you managed to cover all the important point from what rooting is to why Apple say it can not be done. I thought the choice of Prezi was a great decision because it allows you to include a large amount of information and allows us readers to take in the information at our own pace and it. Good job!

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