Why Mum was Right About the Goats

It was early November in the year 2014 and I was in my bedroom doing an internet search on beachside accommodation for schoolies (yes, I left it a bit late) when something caught my eye on Facebook.

“MUM!” I screamed, diving out of bed and running into the living room. “Look what I found!” My mother sat up, excited.

“You found a place?” she asked.

“Uhh . . . not exactly”.

That, ladies and gents, is in a nutshell how I came to purchase two goats off the internet. Mum was sceptical (goats?) and Dad was wary, but they came around in the end.

goat mme.png

We named our two new pets Zack and Cody, from the popular Disney show. Little did we know at that time exactly how much they would come to resemble their troublesome namesakes.

I could write you tail upon tail (hehe) of how they would break into the house when we weren’t home or left the door open for a moment too long. I could talk about having to tiptoe out of the house in the morning to go to school, because if they heard us they’d try to get in the car or chase us down the driveway. I could tell you about the time we came home from school and work to find they’d chewed off the lock to the shed and had broken in and caught their heads inside a sack of grain and been unable to move for most of the day.

I could tell you about how our once peaceful 25 acre property had risen to anarchy; our cats, dog and chooks seemed to band together against the new tyrants of the farmyard. I could detail the time they broke into the chook shed and despite my toughest efforts, I couldn’t remove them, and so they had a ball playing in there for a good hour, jumping between the laying boxes, head-butting the airborne feeder until they got bored and ventured out for a nap on the outside table. I could give you a play by play account of every single one of their daring and hilarious ventures, but we’d be here all day, and they say a picture tells a thousand words – so here goes.

Cody (left) and Zack waiting on the porch to greet us
Despite their uh, abundance of energy, these guys were completely tame and very lenient with my younger sister
“what ladder?” – Look at that innocent face :p
Zack comes to the living room window for a chat
now the back door . . .
Driving was hard sometimes :/
But how could we stay mad at this cute face?!

It’s safe to say there was never a dull moment with these guys – but maybe mum was right to be so sceptical. They lasted a good few months with us, but Mum and Dad ended up selling them the day I moved out of home for uni. I bet the other animals were happy!



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