Harry Potter and the Chamber of Interfaces to Transmedia Narrative


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This post is the first destination of several this week; join me on an epic adventure around the internet (who knew floo powder worked on hyperlinks as well as fireplaces?) to discover the meaning of transmedia narrative!

Nowadays, a novel isn’t the only way to enter another universe. The notion of transmedia allows an audience to experience a narrative world through various different points of entry, known as interfaces. This blog post will be a remediation of this idea.

Pop quiz, BCM112 friends! The correct response is a portkey which will transport you to the next destination for transmedia information . . . but beware of choosing the wrong answer *warning music* . . .

Transmedia is best defined as:

(a) a medium of expression

(b) the use of analog media 

(c) the use of multiple media platforms to create a narrative world across time


Goodbye & Good luck!




NB: If, for whatever reason, you cannot get all the way around this internet track or find yourself splinched, here are the hyperlinks (in order) for the destinations:

Incorrect quiz answer: Meme

Correct quiz answer: Podcast


YouTube Video/Remediation 

End of Journey WP Page


14 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Interfaces to Transmedia Narrative

  1. This idea for conveying Transmedia Narratives was brilliant! I honestly made me giggle all the way through trying to find the right answer to your question. Your hyperlinking is spectacular and enhanced my understanding of this topic immensely. The meme you used was also excellent providing a nice amount of satire mixed with the course content. If I had to say anything constructive it would be to make more of those questions because they were damn fun! 😀 Maybe do it everytime on your blog to see people coming back?

    ~ krisesandchrosses ~

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  2. The construction of your post was incredibly engaging and provides an obvious example of the topic of transmedia. However I question whether you can count, fan-created content as a part of the transmedia project of Harry Potter. Since transmedia, in my understanding, is different parts of the fictional world being available on different platforms, are we really gaining more knowledge of the Harry Potter world by reading fanfiction? Can you count it the context of fan-reaction to the media? Or do you think whether cannon or not, content about the world of Harry Potter is still a part of the overflowing story?
    This post here says that, “Fan fiction can be seen as an unauthorized expansion of these media franchises into new directions which reflect the reader’s desire to “fill in the gaps” they have discovered in the commercially produced material..”
    What do you think?

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    1. Hi Tayla
      Thanks so much for your feedback! I too was unsure of whether to include fan-constructed media as transmedia, but this source (http://henryjenkins.org/2011/06/three_reasons_why_pottermore_m.html) goes into some detail about fanmade content under the heading ‘Pottermore as Fan Relations’ about halfway down the page.
      I understand your point that fan-fiction is done to ‘fill in the gaps’, and I feel that is true in some cases, however the beautiful thing about a universe as large as Harry Potter is that there will always be gaps and the world was really only began by JK Rowling – now that the books are over, the power is passed onto us (the HP generation) to keep on producing! In this sense I think that we as prosumers have the ability to expand on and create our own interfaces into the HP world.

      Great feedback, and the source you provided was really interesting

      – Claire 🙂

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  3. This is very clever. You have used the idea of multiple channels of interaction and have incorporated it into your blog post. This perfectly shows what exactly trans-Media is without going on a long, text based definition. Choosing Harry Potter as your text is a decent choice. Though, I am not sure how far down the trans-media rabbit hole Harry Potter goes. I know their are the books, movies, games and Pottermore but three out of four of those media outlets tell the same story. I find it to be more of a multi media platforms as opposed to a trans-media platform. The Fantastic Beast’s movie will change that though. If I am missing something please let me know. Overall, I liked the concept. Ted would be proud.

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    1. Thanks Thomas 🙂
      I agree with you that the books and movies are based on the same plotlines, however there are spin-off books, games and more which don’t tell the same story. This is outlined in the prezi.
      – Claire


  4. Hey Claire,

    I really liked the way you structured this post, especially the quiz. Harry Potter is a good example of transmedia with all the different channels the story has been distributed across. I find it interesting personally because the Harry Potter fan-base grew so fast and almost immediately started creating their own content that built upon the existing narrative and added to the world which in turn gave other fans a route into the world. This is generally a good thing as it fleshes out the world but can sometimes go south pretty quickly in some cases (e.g. the whole kerfuffle with the Star Wars Expanded Universe).

    This blog post has breaks down elements of transmedia and I found it pretty handy when looking into the topic.


  5. Hello Claire,
    First off, THIS POST IS SO BLOODY COOL!!! the hyperlinks taking me all over the place was honestly so fun to do, this was super creative and I seriously had a lot of fun navigating my way through this. The structure of the post is awesome and really engaging, it really helps and is an interesting way to explain transmedia. I really do think you captured the idea of transmedia very well. I loved your example of Harry Potter because honestly, this fan base, which I think anyone knows, really blew out to huge proportions. Really, really well done, this was excellent. If you want to have a read of a somewhat interesting article take a look at this http://www.stateofdigital.com/complete-guide-transmedia-storytelling/

    T x 🙂

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  6. Hey Clare,

    As an avid Harry Potter fan, I really appreciated this post 🙂 Transmedia is such a popular concept among books or movies or games that gain a huge following, and they grow their franchise from the singular media platform they were previously using. The point about fan fictions and Youtube videos such as Potter Puppet Pals was very interesting- when we think of transmedia, we automatically think of the creators or the owners of the series owning every other media platform linked to the franchise. Check out Buzzfeed’s collection of their favourite HP fan fictions:
    However, fans of projects are definitely contributing vastly to transmedia by making their own content and fan fictions. They are also introducing new platforms to the franchises themselves, such as Youtube. Transmedia is such an effective advertising tool!

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  7. Lol, what an interesting post!
    I also wrote about Harry Potter Transmedia, but your post is brilliant with all the quizzes. The meme is also intelligent. I really enjoy reading your blog.


  8. Hi Claire!
    I was confused when I heard the word ‘transmedia’ in the lecture but soon clearly understood it better with examples. Yours (being Harry Potter) is a perfect example of how a franchise has expanded and become larger using transmedia storytelling by opening more entry points to further develop on various storylines. I would have loved to see some visual representations on the different platforms Harry Potter has led to. Also, do you think transmedia storytelling is important for the owners of such franchises like this? Loving your creative idea of putting in a mini quiz at the end of your post (you’re the first and only person I’ve seen done something like that!). Keep up the good work!

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