Are we all Sims?

I came across the ideas of Swedish philosopher, Nick Bostram, last semester, and published a similar blog post to this one on my other blog. I’ve always thought that the idea of our world being a simulation was kind of funny, but Bostram argues it’s actually plausible and his reasoning is hard to deny.

The whole theory depends on the existence of super humans. By definition, these super humans have the ability to control and/or be equal with the elements. If it’s possible for super humans to exist in the future, logic says there’s no reason why they don’t exist already. If they do exist, either they have no interest in creating a simulated society or we ourselves are effectively Sims.

I’ve broken down Bostram’s argument in the diagram below. He claims that (at least) one of the three orange boxes must be true, which is hard to argue with.


I find this completely fascinating. All three of the orange options, one of which is inevitable, suggests a fiery future and raises lots of questions. If post humans have no interest in simulations, why is that? What is their time better spent doing? Who are they? If they created a simulation (and we are it), why did they? What are they learning? How much control do they have? If humans go extinct before post humanism is achievable, when and how will this occur? How far will we get before then?

Could this be the meaning of life? I guess we’ll never know 😉


Tell me what you think?

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