My Encounter with a Psychic ~


I saw a psychic yesterday. It was a very new experience for me; although I’ve listened to platforms and messed around with the tarot before, I’d never had a ‘professional’ one-on-one consultation. One word; wow …

I arrived at the shop a little early, so I amused myself looking through the books, crystals and relics for sale. I haven’t decided what I believe in yet, so I was determinedly keeping an open mind.


When 12:30 ticked over the clock, my heart began to race. I could actually hear it thumping. What if I got possessed? What I showed bad omens or something? What if my tea cup showed the grim?

When the psychic walked out of her room to find me, it wasn’t so bad. She didn’t look too much like Professor Trelawney. She wore a long red dress and spoke very softly, but didn’t exude an air of being connected to evil spirits. Her room was pretty low-key, which put me at ease. There was no crystal ball or dead animal sacrifices, just a stack of coloured paper, a binder, a tealight candle and two stacks of tarot cards.

She asked me to choose a coloured piece of paper (PURPLE) and she instructed me to look through the first of the tarots, a fairy-tale-inspired deck, and choose the three which spoke to me the most. I could look at the pictures to make my decision. Secondly, I was to shuffle through the traditional tarot deck without looking at the images, choose a second three cards but leave them face down until later. Meanwhile she would connect to the higher realm and write what she saw on my purple paper. The two of us worked in silence for about ten minutes.

I should probably add at this point that prior to the reading, she knew nothing about me except for my name.

I finished choosing my cards slightly before she finished writing, so I watched her. She turned back to the first side of the paper, gabrielle book.JPGhaving almost filled both sides with messages for me, and began to sketch what was most undoubtedly a book and a feather quill. She scribbled down a few more words before she was ready to begin.

Here’s how it worked; the psychic had produced two pages of notes through connecting to the higher realm via quieting the left side (which tends to me dominant and analytical) of her brain. There wasn’t a structure to the writing; she wrote words as she saw them in her mind, and it came out in a rather poetic, metaphorical spiel. It was made up of riddles rather than clear points. She explained that the spirit communicates to us daily in symbols; it is said by some that coincidence does not exist. The next forty minutes or so were spent trying to decipher the messages sent to us. For obvious reasons I won’t go into most of it, but here’s some cool stuff we managed to pull out of the writing.

“Books”. That’s the first thing she said to me. I’m a reader and a writer, she had been told, and she knew I loved hearing my pen scratch over real paper rather than my fingers tapping over a keyboard. She said that had been a very clear vision; and my writing habits were, in a sense, old-fashioned.

Reincarnation was our next topic. She was very careful not to force her beliefs onto me, but explained them nonetheless. She believes that souls are infinite.


We aren’t ‘reborn’ as such, because we carry on the traits and hidden knowledge from past lives, deep within our subconscious minds. This doesn’t occur in living memory though, we aren’t moved back to earth until there is nobody alive who actually knew us, so the cycle is a really long one.

She told me I’d been here before, “many times”. The spirit told her I was a writer; I always have been. From the time people were drawing symbols in dirt with their fingers, to parchment and feather quills, to exploring and depicting philosophy, I have been a writer. I’ve been a poet, a scribe, you name it. “It’s in your DNA”, she said to me. Often, she told me, she sees specific career paths for those she reads for, but not me. Writing is more an identity rather than a career and my ‘job’ is to experience life and express that in words, which is what I’ve done for years. She said I’m in the perfect place for me right now, which is comforting.

I won’t lie, I enjoyed hearing that, because it legitimised what I do. She gave me some tips of gaining my past knowledge and skills from previous lives by switching off my left brain, for example. I’m not sure how much to read into this – it doesn’t change anything per se, but it’s cool that she picked up on it.

A second cool thing was that she got a message from my dog! It was actually the spirit, but the quote she wrote down was “little creatures benefit from your love and care”. She then went on to describe my cavalier in perfect detail and said she’s glad to have me. So that made me feel like a good person xD.

Heidi ❤

I won’t go into detail with the rest because I’m not huge on sharing (haha). Once we got through the paper she wrote, we worked on the tarot cards. She interpreted the fairy-tale cards I had chosen (accurate is too weak of a term to use) and then we revealed the three other tarot cards (from the traditional deck) which had been face-down until this point.

This is where it got creepy, they were an eerily close match. 78 cards per deck, that’s a magnitude of probability . . . and yet they came together to tell a strong story and reinforced key points of the reading she’d completed.

gabrielle cards.JPGEach of the traditional cards (the top row) corresponded extremely closely with the fairy-tale cards I chose by sight in the bottom row. In fact, the two cards on the left are actually the exact same card, albeit different decks.

Overall? An experience worth having. I still don’t know what I believe in, but I’ve got a whole lifetime ahead of me to decide. There were too many coincidences to call this art a joke . . . considering she knew nothing about me except my name, this psychic had me figured out pretty well by the end of our hour.


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