Where I’m From



I come from the swing on the tree in my yard, which my mother once told me was magic

That’s the first line I came up with in my attempt to replicate George Ella Lyon’s poem Where I’m FromWhen my family moved to our quaint little farm, my mother dubbed the large ornate tree beside the house the faraway tree, a reference to Enid Blyton’s novels which she, her mother and I have grown up reading.

The Lumiere remoscope principles allowed me to focus on the setting of a place and manipulate the objects within them to tell a story. I focused a lot on the tree itself, and pushed the swing so it would sway like a pendulum, to represent tradition and the passing of time in the same way a grandfather clock might.

To add a story element, I applied the ideas of Steven Spielberg (director of Jaws); sometimes what an audience does not see on a screen impacts them more than what they do see (source). I did this through intentionally not displaying the fall which is implied. I left the tyre swinging as though a child had fallen off and run inside. This creates a question in the mind of the audience from the first frame; gradually the mystery is solved as the film evolves.


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