Digital Artefact: The Life of Mindy

 See entire artefact heremindy123.jpg

It’s been just over a year since the birth of my digital artefact, The Life of Mindy, so I figured it’s probably about time to link her to my personal blog.

I’ve had several people ask me recently what I chose to create for my artefact. Was it an intellectual podcast? Did you write news? Make a video documentary series? A witty vine channel? No, askers, I did not.

I created an open-source, online, somewhat interactive story using this leading-edge, gripping, ultra-academic-ish software known to intellectuals as The Sims 3. Laugh it up if you like, but Mindy and I had illegal amounts of fun murdering children and sleeping with everyone (LITERALLY EVERYONE) in Pleasantview, and giving birth to and later killing almost ten children; feats which somehow scored me a 95% overall for the project in BCM112 – so quit the judgement, thanks <3.

I kept the project going over two semesters, for both BCM112 and DIGC202. I ended up with four generations of the Farmer family wreaking havoc – those who survived, anyway.

There are two seasons of story material (blog posts, pictures and videos);

  1. The Murderous Whore (BCM112); the story of Mindy Farmer

2. The Psychotic Secret Twin; DIGC202: The story of Mindy’s grandchildren

It also includes a bunch of tangents to the story (including cheat codes and the philosopher Bostram, who thinks we are all sims) and game reviews, so if you’d like to know more click HERE and enjoy the misgivings of the Life of Mindy!


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