My Mid-Session Crisis

source: Facebook

It’s halfway through the Autumn session at the uni and I am LITERALLY a walking zombie;

  • I have not slept
  • I have lost all of my (albeit limited) human compassion
  • Procrastination is my Jesus (hence why you’re reading this a week after the mid-session break)
  • I am SO hungry
  • I have had a cold for like a month and I miss the ease of breathing I once took for granted 😦

The week before the mid-session I got the shittest mark ever for my video project (my mum still liked it). I’d planned to study for a few hours after that class, but no. I was in a mood. I stormed around uni trying to find a quiet corner. I sat down in a dark, shady place, then pulled out my earphones and binge watched 13 Reasons WhyGUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Netflix cut out. THE WORLD HATES ME. So I chose a random spotify playlist. The first song to come on was Adele’s Water Under the Bridge. It was a sign. FML. It felt like God just wanted me to sit in a corner and cry hysterically and hate my life.

giphy (1)

That same week, one of my tutors sat beside me and said “how’s your next assessment going? Would you like some feedback?”

“Nah I’m right” said intellectual Claire, staring blankly at him. He looked pretty taken aback; it’s an unwritten rule that when a tutor says that sort of shit you have to say yes, as did everyone else in the class. Except me. I’m an angry beast and I do not cooperate.


I turned away, put my earphones in and continued remixing my sister’s tantrum (which I ended up scrapping; Olivia, I understand you were angry when mum forgot to buy cheese, but honey that shit is just not aesthetic).

I’m only a rude psychotic bitch when I’m tired. I think.

I hope.

I’m sorry.

Going to be hilarious when I fail.

It’s not just me, either. Mid-session crisis is a disease which cripples so many uni students (are you immune? Drop your thoughts in the comments). I drove to my friend’s house earlier this week to pick him up for uni. I waited outside, but he didn’t come out. So I knocked on the door a few times, woke up his mum (sorry!), walked inside and found him asleep on the couch. Motivation levels on point.

I don’t know. I like uni. I’m just lowkey over it xD

Here are some pictures of me resting on the grass because I don’t want to adult (source: Instagram).


Thankyou for reading. I hope your life is better than mine.


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