Twinz Tube

Sometimes I sit back and think to myself;

You know Claire, despite being the most awkward teenager on the face of the earth, at least  you never did anything REALLY bad – like dye your hair lime green, get suspended for skipping biology to buy a kebab . . . or make a racist, teacher-hating, esh lad-esque YouTube channel.

Unlike some, that is.

Meet Raman and Gagan. Raman describes himself as a “free bird dinosaur thing like from Jurassic Park, the one that flies around and around and shit”. Gagan, on the other hand, is the “follower; because I’m the younger one and I’m more awesome” (Raman 2K17).

They’re twin second year engineering students who live somewhere in the Shire, have sick af hair – and they have a dark secret our squad only recently uncovered.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Twinz Tube is a YouTube channel these guys made in high school (which somehow reached over 1000 hits), and since they revealed it to us earlier this semester, it has been spreading around our friendship group like an STD.

“We believe we are models and we believe we need more exposure” – Raman

The inspiration for the videos is difficult to fathom at first. Are they delinquents? Are they making a statement about our dark, dystopian society? Nope, it turns out they just want to be famous, and show the world how damn sexy they are.

At the time they thought it was “sexy as fuck” but now it’s CRINGE. Despite this, they have plans to create more videos in the near future.

“Sexy as fuck” – Gagan

When they saw me typing an assessment on this blog, they decided it was my job to make them “more famous”. Cool. I’m not sure who they think reads this blog, but I’m sure my Grandad will love this 🙂 .

“Hey do you want like a photo of me with my abs?”

Nah I’m right.

“I did it to the piss off the principle, because he got like really strict on uniform and stuff . . . you literally quoted what I just said – oh my God” (Raman)

So give these hilarious lads a follow on their YouTube channel, and help them get famous.

I think that’s what they wanted me to write?


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