Claire’s Meaning of Life: ∞.0

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Nobody knows what they’re doing.

It took me nineteen years to figure that maxim out.

Consequently, this past year has been different to the ones previous, because I’ve been trying a new theory called “I don’t give a f%ck” (I’m joking, I’m still 35% insecure, 55% awkward and 10% memes, but I’m trying fam). This means I’ve been taking a few more risks, trying some new things and being (slightly) more open with people.

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Kevin G knows what’s up (source: giphy)

It isn’t as bad as it sounds. It’s more a ‘no regrets’/’what’s the worst that could happen’ kind of mindset. Because even though I basically navigate life like I’m blindfolded and hearing impaired, everyone else is pretty much the same (no offence)- albeit the lessons they have learned from experience. So, the only way I can compete with that is to gain life experience. Yall with me so far?

With this in mind I’ve compiled some new rules for myself. I mean rules in the way of values, almost in a religious sense. In the same way a Christian might coordinate their life via the Ten Commandments or a Buddhist might adhere to the Five Moral Precepts. None of them are my own, I should disclaim at this point. I’ve read widely on life; what it is, what it means, how to deal with it. The following are merely a selection of my collection.

This list is a compilation of values which I think are important. I’ve named it The Meaning of Life:  ∞.0, (where  ∞ = infinity, which is the mathematical concept that discusses any phenomenon which is larger than any number or beyond logical constraint, for any non-mathematicians reading this) because it never really had a starting point, and it will certainly never end – for me, at least.

Apparently it’s a Sagittarius thing.

The Meaning of Life:  ∞.O

1.You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

I took this from some inspirational shit I found on Instagram. I like it because it kind of puts a really cheesy, fake spin on something that’s really negative in your life. Is this thing that I really want to happen actually going to happen? 99.99999% of all relevant factors say no, but hey! Let’s give it a shot!

*cue hours of crying when the inevitable happens*

(this brings me to point 2)

2. If no-one dies, it’s not an emergency/if you won’t die doing something, that something is a good idea

Yes girl, you’re upset because part 1 was a total flake, but you’re alive. There’s still food in the fridge, there are Harry Potter parodies on YouTube to watch, and somewhere there’s a sweet little cat falling asleep, dreaming of you to come and pick him up and love him forever and be his mum. He is waiting. Seriously, it’s all good. No-one died.

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source: giphy

3. Every shitty thing in life makes a wonderful piece of writing

Chalk it up to experience. Write it all down, keep everything, so that in a few months time when you sit back and think ‘CLAIRE WHAT THE F*CK WERE YOU THINKING??’ you have a 17-page analysis on why you made that decision. You may be a dramatic, overthinking idiot, but at least you aren’t completely barren of mental process. Small comfort?

I am not joking about the 17 pages by the way. True story.

I’m psychotic like that.

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Seriously though, if you have a perfect, fairytale, white-picket fence life, what are you going to write? A shitty, shallow, meaningless empty novel about empty walking emotionless dumb people (yes, I am describing the trash some people call Twilight)?

giphy (4)
Summary of the entire Twilight film franchise (source: giphy)


  • Kevin G is Jesus

(Also don’t like Twilight)

Thank-you for your attention

Claire ❤

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