Disclaimer: Spoilers (not that there’s much to spoil)

Eternity (1992), written by Jude Deveraux

Plot summary: Young, brainless Carrie, bored with all her riches and the dull men in her privileged hometown, sort of mail-order-brides herself to a faraway farmer looking for a woman to mother his small children and house-keep.


Josh, awaiting his unknown bride in the small country town called Eternity, is shocked when the beautiful, elegant Carrie arrives, instead of the ugly spinster he had prepared for. He thinks Carrie is a brainless whore and is downright abusive towards her. Despite this, his children adore her, “is she a fairy princess?” He leaves Carrie a list of chores to complete to prove she is wife material, but instead of actually trying, she uses all her gold to pay the villagers to do it for her.


In the face of a tragedy, Josh realises Carrie is not completely useless (shock, horror! A woman can be more than just a pretty face?)and after knocking her up, the two fall in love and marry. It turns out the guy is not just a low-life farmer, he is a first class Shakespearean actor hiding out for custody reasons – so Carrie ends up with a rich dude who is mega-attractive, loving, hardworking and successful. It’s a shame they don’t make non-fiction versions. Real men are shitheads.

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It is terrible that I enjoyed this book. I hate that I felt pity for the spoiled woman when the farmer didn’t like her. I hate that I rooted for them to end up together. It turns out she’s not completely useless, she knows how to sell her imported dresses and can ride ponies. Still, it was an easy read for such a shallow story-line. I’ve read it four times and I still enjoy it. It’s one of those stories you will stay up all night to read, because despite the shitty, predictable story-line, it is so damn well written.

I give it a 3.5 star rating.

I hate myself.


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