Semester Reflection: Where I’ve Come

It feels like only yesterday that I ventured onto the UOW campus for the first time, but I’m five semesters in to my degree, with four more to go (plus Honours, hopefully!), so I’ve officially passed the halfway point.

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It’s been an interesting semester for a few reasons.

I began my public relations major, which meant saying goodbye to my calculator; no more number crunching in economics for me! This was good in a sense; those subjects are hard, even though I enjoyed them a lot, but I can’t major in everything, as I have to constantly remind myself (nerd alert). Because I came to uni with economics pretty much cemented as my major before I even started, I need to keep reminding myself (and my Grandpa) that PR isn’t a ‘bludge’ career path and it has just as much to offer society, if not more, than an economics degree.

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Why did I choose public relations?

I did a digital media subject as part of my communications degree and realised it’s what I was meant to be doing. I therefore tailored my commerce degree further towards a digital media career and so PR seemed to fit the bill nicely.

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When things fit together โค source: giphy

Before I began this semester I had preconceived notions of which subjects would be the boring ones and which ones I would enjoy – boy did I get that wrong. I was convinced my research class, compulsory for my degree, would be fairly mainstream and unexciting- but it those lectures, and tutorials, were by far the most enjoyable of the semester and I learned some really cool stuff. I also had a more practical class, which involved lots of different media production. I thought it would be fun.





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It turns out I just don’t have that kind of talent – which is okay and all, but there goes my HD average (I was literally only holding onto it by my fingertips anyway). Oh well, shit happens.

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The whole people thing has been interesting too. Friends I thought would be in my life forever have proved themselves to be different to who I thought they were, even after years and years of friendship. You can’t control what people do, the decisions they make or how they make you feel, but you control your reaction to it. And sometimes, walking away and leaving them to live their own life and make their own mistakes is okay. A friendship is give and take, and just because someone has been close to you always, it doesn’t mean that needs to continue. People I didn’t know so well, or friends of friends I barely knew have become so close to me I can hardly believe we didn’t know one another six months ago. Uni is supposed to be the best time of your life, everyone says so. I’m going to spend it with the right people.ย 

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I began a mentoring gig with In2Uni, which will continue into next semester. It’s been really rewarding and fun to spend time with high school students and get them excited to pursue higher education, and help them arrive there. I’ve also been writing for Chattr, which has been a challenge. Having dropped journalism at the beginning of last year, it was a difficult transition from writing whatever and however I want to on this blog, to conforming to a style guide and using a SEO program. It’s working out in the end, though. Each article I write I become more comfortable and confident, and thus the process is really enjoyable.

That’s it for this semester, here’s to new adventures in the Spring!

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Bye Felicia (source: giphy)


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