50 Women who have Changed the World!

50 Women who have Changed the World

A Preface ~

This page is for my BCM112 Digital Artefact which will explore the contributions of 50 different women to modern society. Some are celebrities, some are politicians, some are ordinary women, and some fall in between, but they have all changed the world (or are changing it) for the better. Areas of change include education, women’s rights, child welfare, equality, mental health support, domestic violence and gay rights. The main platform for this artefact will be a separate blog (find it here).

Please note that the posts will be in no particular order. The reason for this is because the contributions these women make to society are so diverse and unique that it would be difficult and biased of me to attempt to rank them. I hope this artefact inspires you and if you like it or have ideas as to who you’d like to be recognised on this page, please comment!



NB: Due to it not really fitting into the rubric for transmedia and being kinda limited, I’ve changed my assignment to a Sim adventure – but hopefully once exams are over and assignments are submitted, I’ll be able to keep working on this!!

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