I’m Claire. Hopefully you’ve figured that much out. I began this blog in March 2015 because it was necessary for my degree (Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies/Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Wollongong in Australia). You’ll notice that much of my content has been sorted into the various media subjects I have done. Increasingly I am writing more uncategorised and personal content relating to topics which inspire me, or simply life in general.

This blog is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building over the last two years or so, and will continue to develop into the future and down my career path. You can read more about me here.

There are so many blogs out there similar to mine, so you may be wondering what makes mine so special.



I mean, unless you count my extraordinary ability to relate any concept in the entirety of the earth to Harry Potter; something I have managed to do throughout many of my posts. Damn, I make myself so proud. Why does my most useless skill have to be my most articulated one? I mean, my Grandad is mega-impressed, but it ain’t going to get me a job anytime soon.



Anyway, I’ve grown to love my blog and build a decent-ish following, so please help me out with some attention and feedback in the comments section!

Happy Reading,




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