I wanted to be a Teacher

Last year when I saw my Dad’s side of the family for Christmas, my Grandpa asked me what grades I received for my subjects that semester. I told him I received two distinctions and two high distinctions. He told me none of it counted because I study a “bludge degree”.

Why did he even ask?

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The Camera, the Tripod & the Wardrobe

The technique which most fascinated me in MEDA101 this semester (and which I subsequently decided to focus my final piece on) was continuity editing. I used various shots to narrate Olivia’s movements. A scene from the film The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) had resonated with me for some time. When I viewed it more recently, I noticed the cleverness of the continuity edits and thus decided to replicate that scene for my project.

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