I wanted to be a Teacher

Last year when I saw my Dad’s side of the family for Christmas, my Grandpa asked me what grades I received for my subjects that semester. I told him I received two distinctions and two high distinctions. He told me none of it counted because I study a “bludge degree”.

Why did he even ask?

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Semester Reflection: Where I’ve Come

It feels like only yesterday that I ventured onto the UOW campus for the first time, but I’m five semesters in to my degree, with four more to go (plus Honours, hopefully!), so I’ve officially passed the halfway point. It’s been an interesting semester for a few reasons. I began my public relations major, which […]

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My Mid-Session Crisis

It’s halfway through the Autumn session at the uni and I am LITERALLY a walking zombie; I have not slept I have lost all of my (albeit limited) human compassion Procrastination is my Jesus (hence why you’re reading this a week after the mid-session break) I am SO hungry I have had a cold for like a month […]

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